A Reason to Dance

And David danced before the LORD with all his might.
Psalm 16:11 – 2 Samuel 6:14 (ESV)

As a kid, during my upper elementary years, around the time sports started becoming a big interest, my friends and I took a summer and wrote letters of admiration to our athletic heroes. The goal was to simply pick your favorites, write a letter, mail it out, and hope for the best. Many of those went out to no response. Imagine my surprise when one day, my dad returned from the post office with a letter marked Miami Dolphins.

Of all the athletes I mailed letters to, one finally came back and you can imagine my reaction when I discovered inside that envelope a form letter addressed to me along with a black and white photo signed in green magic marker by Dan Marino! He’s the guy that used to do those Isotoner glove commercials, just in case you aren’t a football fan. I celebrated and showed that picture to EVERYBODY. I was so happy and to this day it remains one of my cherished possessions.

In that passage from 2 Samuel, we find David celebrating a different, more meaningful presence. Of course, his response is understood as natural when faced with the overwhelming joy of basking in the presence of God. How many of us have wished at some point or another that we could experience what it was like for some of these people we find in Scripture? What would we do if given the chance to see God or stand directly in front of Jesus? The topic is one that has spawned books, songs, and inspired many sermons.

The exuberance of David’s reaction is much akin to the emotional response we might feel if given the chance to meet someone who is highly regarded in our culture, some athlete, movie/TV star, musician, etc., we might discover that words escape us, our minds seemingly cease to function, or we can’t seem to contain the excitement, such as the scene depicted in this instance.
If David danced because the ark was present in his town and it represented God, then we should have cause for celebration and dancing all the time because God is always with us. Our presence should share in God’s presence. Our lives should reflect the life of God in us. We should find that joyful inspiration all the time.

If the presence of God is with us wherever we go, then hopefully our reason to dance would inspire others to dance, not because of anything we’ve done, but what God is doing through us. Every day is your opportunity to give the world a reason to dance because you carry within you the divine presence of God.

We need to give the world a reason to dance.

— Trent Sessoms


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