Reaching Lives for Jesus

All the believers were together and had everything in common.  Acts 2:44

In my last preschool chapel session with this year’s class, I shared with them the story from Acts 2 of the early days of the emerging church. Following Peter’s rousing sermon calling for dedication
and repentance, scripture tells us that people began living their faith in real, practical ways. Their daily application included learning and growing as they listened to the disciples impart their wisdom. They enjoyed fellowship with one another, sharing meals and praying together. They made certain everyone in their midst was cared for and no one went without. They shared their homes with each other, and in all of this, did so with “glad and sincere hearts.”

And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.  Acts 2:47

Our church mission statement is one I hope you’ve committed to memory, the litmus test for everything we do. The goals and ambitions of our efforts are filtered through to help us remember
it’s always about pointing people to Christ.

For the last seven years, my hope has been to simply serve as a reminder that our goal, above everything else, is to promote Christ, through word and action. As a family of faith, we function as the community of Christ living out his instructions every day. Serving one another, what we find are the rich blessings of God on display in practical, daily application. My belief is that when we model this type of behavior, we yield the benefit of verse 47, and have the
opportunity to welcome more and more into the faith we count so dear.

Looking ahead to a new year of service as your pastor, my hope for us all as we continue striving to reach lives for Jesus is we implement the words of this passage in our interactions within and
without. No matter where you are, you are a representative of the gospel, bearing the good news in every moment. Yours is the opportunity to showcase the love of Christ, having everything in common, caring for each other, and reaching lives for Jesus.

Doing that, I’m confident that we’ll see results. We’ll see the blessings God has in store. We’ll enjoy fellowship with one another. We’ll see more added to our number.

The goal stays the same, reaching lives for Jesus.

— Trent Sessoms