Anything But Normal

Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.

John 21:12a

By John’s account, this is the second time Jesus appeared to his disciples. Can you imagine what that moment must have felt like?

Before this, they had witnessed Jesus dead and buried. As they went about their morning activities of fishing, even having witnessed his return, they likely still carried some of their lingering questions and concerns.

It just won’t be the same … because it’s not.

It’s not the same, but yet here is Jesus again with a fire going, cooking fish for breakfast, and inviting them to be part of this new thing taking shape. It may seem as though everything was back to the way it used to be, back to normal. This was anything but normal.

Because now there is resurrection.

Jesus invited those disciples to be part of this world where resurrection became part of their lives. This newfound hope becomes a defining characteristic of their existence, because resurrection was anything but normal.

We, too, can now live with a new sense of hope and optimism because we are those whose lives are now defined by resurrection. It’s a new outlook that carries us into uncertain days with confidence, knowing that no matter what happens our world has been forever altered by the presence of the one who overcame all the odds, who conquered even death itself. We are those whose lives have been touched by this incredible grace and love.

Easter is a time that reminds us our world has been forever altered by Jesus. We will celebrate once again the knowledge that our Savior yet lives, and still invites us to join with him, continuing life in his presence, and that because of him and through him we are new creations … anything but normal.

— Trent Sessoms
Senior Pastor


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