COVID-19 Response

As you are undoubtedly well aware, the world’s attention is directed at the development of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.  The leadership of KBC remains vigilant in maintaining observation and keeping track of the latest developments.  

Based on safety restrictions, our worship and activities at Knightdale Baptist Church will be suspended through April 30.  

For the continued safety of our office staff, they will be conducting their work at home.  You can reach members of our team through e-mails included on this site.  

Our weekly worship services will be streamed through our KBC Facebook and YouTube pages.  

We ask for your patience and understanding as our current situation remains in a state of flux day-to-day.  We’ll keep you updated in the coming weeks of any further changes. In the meantime, please join us for our online worship service and to pray for a healthy resolution to our world situation.  

Stay strong.  Be well. We’ll see each other again very soon.  

Grace and peace, 

Pastor Trent 


Take Time To Be Holy

In this Lenten season leading us to Holy Week and the eventual celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, we’re accustomed to the idea of giving things up. For many, the time honored holy practice of Lent entails denying oneself things like caffeine, desserts, often habitual items that don’t seem important until you develop that inevitable craving. In recent years, many have opted to give up things like social media or time watching TV. Instead of giving something up, some opt to pick up a beneficial practice. It is a discipline of holiness to remind us that when we experience that yearning, we’re reminded to turn our attention to matters of the divine and remember we are dependent on our Lord.

God gave the instructions to Moses: Be holy, because I, the Lord your God, am holy.

When we open our mouths, when we open our doors, when we extend our hands, our neighbors should see a glimpse of the Lord our God at work. A command for holiness can feel uncomfortable because we typically compartmentalize holiness. Holiness is deferred to certain preset categories. First of all, God is holy. If God is holy, then we are not. At best, and to a lesser degree, we assign holiness to particular religious figures. For some, people like the disciples, Paul, Augustine, St. Francis, Billy Graham, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, or Pope Francis might be considered representations of holiness. We think this way because holy people live differently than the rest of us. Holy people do the things we can’t or, really, won’t. Now, to admit that holiness is a separate realm of life that we cannot achieve, giving credit to those who devote their entire way of being toward devotion to their faith, can be an act of modesty. But it can also be used as a method of letting ourselves off the hook.

Holiness isn’t found in grand gestures or pious prayers. Holiness isn’t relegated to certain preset categories. Holiness isn’t deferred to figureheads of faith. Holiness is enacted by everyday followers devoted to their beliefs and values. Holiness is seen through caring for other people and practicing good stewardship with the resources you have been given.

As Paul would write to the Philippian church: Finally, beloved, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praise, think about such things. I might add, in closing, because to think about such things will lead us to practice the holiness of life.

— Trent Sessoms



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