Extra-Added Attention

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.

1 Chronicles 16:34

There are many ways to count down.

In recent years, I’ve seen a growing trend on social media for people to pick one thing each day for which they’re thankful. It’s a process of gratitude that guides us towards the eventual gathering of our own beloved to share fellowship over a meal cooked with extra-added attention.

That’s really what it boils down to, extra-added attention.

Throughout the year, we may have those striking moments of appreciation for the unexpected blessings we enjoy, those that manifest when you least expect and possibly need most. It’s those that catch us off-guard, surprise us into taking notice. The words of scripture, however, remind us of something resolute, the source of goodness that gives us reasons for gratitude throughout the year.

See, we need those reminders. We need those dates set aside for us to focus our complete
attention, because we understand there are times where we permit so many other things to distract us, losing focus, perhaps, on how we are blessed and where we should be thankful.

So, this month provides us an opportunity to apply some extra attention where it’s
needed, a moment’s respite to consider all that God has done for us. When we begin to survey our lives, in good times and bad, scripture reminds us, no matter what, we have reasons to be thankful because God is good, and God’s love is unending and unceasing. God’s love endures, forever.

This year, as you make your preparations for the Thanksgiving holiday, take a few moments, give it some extra-added attention, consider all the ways God has been made known in your life, and you’ll see the Lord is good, his love endures forever, and because of that, we give thanks, now and always.

May you have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

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